No fast way to audition an instruments in Write Mode (Feature Request)

Is there a better way to audition instruments when I am in a “write mode”?

As of now, I have to double click on an instrument to enter the “write mode” and then press enter again to get out of it and only then I am able to audition the instuemnts.
(I get out of the note entry mode because I do not want dorico to start writing notes while I am auditioning the instrument :smirk:)

wouldn’t it be better to have a drop-down menu so I can quickly switch between available instruments and be able to audition them?


Selecting a note or item belonging to that staff should be sufficient, although implicit rests or automatic bar rests probably don’t count.

I click somewhere in a bar (which selects everything in that bar), then P to play just that instrument. If I want more instruments, use ctrl-click instead.

I just tried it, and even implicit rests work.
Just select something and play, no caret needed.

I had my implicit rests to be hidden in my score.
That is why makes it harder for me.
I still think having a drop down menu to choose what instrument is being trigged makes life easier. Specially if you are writing for huge orchestra rather than constantly click click and auditioning instruments.

Then your drop down list would also be huge!

True, but there can be a search button on the top if I need violin 1 I can simply type it and audition it while I am all the way up of the score writing for the flute…