No Flux? Poss fix here

After updating to 9.5 Pro I was looking forward to trying the new Flux instrument for HS3, but I can’t find any! Anyone else having this?

Same problem. I have no solution to offer. We need an :ugeek: in here.

Same here - looks like none of the .vstsound files from the Additional Content/VST Sound installation folders have been copied to the content folder.

This is on Windows, upgrading from Cubase 9 Pro to 9.5 Pro. Content folder is not in the default location


(Temporary?) fix? Copied FCP_SMT_232_HSSE_Flux_Presets.vstsound to where I store my Halion Sonic SE libraries. Double-clicked, registered it with the Halion Library Manager, restarted Cubase, and they show up.

The .vstsound is in the update files at Steinberg\WIN64\Cubase Pro 9.5 - Update from 9.0\Cubase 9.5\Cubase for Windows\Additional Content\VST Sound\PresetVSTSound

Same problem here - it’s completely missing.

Must be a Windows Installer problem.
On OS X the vst-files are installed in the last installation phase.
Flux is usable.

Thanks @jude - your solution totally worked, at least I can play now…

No Flux here either after upgrade from 9 pro to 9.5 pro.
How can it be so hard to get a paid upgrade to work correctly? :angry:

This missing preset thing seems to happen every time there is a new update, some kind of paths issue

Same here.

I run the installer second time and reinstalled only Halion Sonic SE and Content updater.
It worked.

Thank you! It worked for me to. :slight_smile:

Tried the re-install but did not work :frowning:
Flux is listed but nothing to choose from.

I have checked the (German?) Source files and there is even no Flux VSTSound file :frowning:

How did you choose to install Cubase? For the current user or for all users?
Unfortunately Cubase installer never uses the choice which was initially made, which can end up in a folder mess with every update if you do not remember your first choice and then may change from Every / All Users to the current.
I found now the Flux vstsound file in my profile path but somehow it cannot be loaded or accessed. It seems as a bug like HSE does not like the Roaming profile path :frowning:

Worked for me too. Thanks for the tip.

Did this and now it works. Flux is there, thanks!

Hi All

Thanks to Judemiller, solution worked, did have to restart Cubase though.

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If you have installed the free HALion Sonic SE 3 before, the Cubase 9.5 Installer will not install HALion Sonic SE 3 again and also not the new Flux Synthesizer.
Like already mentioned above, running the Cubase 9.5 Installer again will allow you to reinstall HALion Sonic SE 3 and will also install Flux.


Well, I tried that already and do not get Flux in the right way.
Or, how is Flux supposed to be opened?
I can see it sometimes when I click the preset browser from within Halion SE. But it then shows as greyed out and when I try to highlight it, it vanishes and does not show up again.
I had indeed HSE 3 installed before. So I removed HSE & content completely and run the full installer of CB 9.5 Pro and it showed HSE & content to be reinstalled. Afterwards no difference. Flux is fluctoating…

reinstalling HS3 and content updater worked for me.