No forum subject relevant to Mysteinberg logging in problems??

I am having issues with the vst plugins which come with the UR44 Soundcard. My DAW is giving me errors on the search function for plugins. FL Studio 20 (64 bit).

But before that where and what can I do to reset my Steinberg password? I reset it via the main website but I do not receive any emails with a reset link. I click on resend verification link but nothing happens. No email sent or received. This is obviously the first part of setting up the vst plugins with the elicenser so can’t do anything till this has been rectified.

Thank you for your time.

I have this exact problem?

I have tried to reset my password but no email from Steinberg have been received.
I have tried many times and checked my spam folder etc but I see nothing from

Please can anyone help / advise?

Currently waiting for support / but very slow :frowning:

Many thanks