No frames icon and no metronome mark

Hello! I want to enter a graphic but I don’t seem to have the frames option in my dorico (5 pro, that I just updated - don’t know if it was there before the update or not). I’m looking to put a graphic in as when I add a metronome mark the dotted crotchet doesn’t appear, just ’ = 72’ so if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong there as well that would be great!
Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 14.26.57

What Dorico version have you got? SE, Elements, Pro?

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What version of the software are you using? This does not look like Pro. Could you have started the program by clicking the file icon and been sent to an older version of the software you used previously to create this file?

Oh hang on sorry my mistake, I have elements

Is frames not a part of elements? I only needed it as I don’t seem to be able to get full metronome markings, the dotted crotchet is missing and not sure how to get it to appear on the score. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 14.27.18

That sounds like a missing or incorrectly set font: Elements has the same Text font options as Pro, I believe: so you should be able to set the Metronome Music Text font to Bravura Text in Library > Font Styles.

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Hi Ben thanks for your help, I have just tried that bit it still doesn’t add the note before the bpm, I even tried with Dorico’s set metronome markings but it’s still missing from those.
Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 14.59.58

Please show me the settings you have for Metronome Music Text font.




What are you typing to create the MM marking? One can set or edit this in the properties panel. To get quarter = 80 in the popover, just type q=80.

Thank you so much Ben! My settings were different from yours and at 9pt not 15, this seems to have fixed it. I’m surprised it doesn’t show up at 9pt though, do you know why? Thanks for your help :smiley:

The fonts you use for music symbol-type notations (like the note values in metronome marks, or the swirly f / p glyphs for dynamics) need to be SMuFL-compliant, so that Dorico can correctly locate the required glyphs in the font.