No 'full download' of Elements 11 available? All parts must be downloaded separately?

Ok I just bought Elements 11 with the discounted price for having LE, and I entered the Activation code in the Download Assistant. Under ‘Redeemed Products’, it gives me the option to download Elements 11, but it looks like I have to download every component for it separately, i.e. there is no ‘Full Download’ for it. Things like Halicon SE, Groove Agent and everything else have to be downloaded separately. How slow and tedious! Isn’t there a ‘full download’ anywhere?

Not at this point i think. Steinberg changed how to download it with this Cubase version.

The old one-huge-download was truly slow & tedious. Now you only need to download what you want or need and can skip what you don’t. It also means you can download things like large content sets in batches over time - very useful for folks with marginal internet connections. These seem well worth the extra 30 seconds or so it will take to click on a handful of buttons.

With Cubase 10 the download took until the next day before I could install Cubase. With Cubase 11 I could install it about 20 minutes after starting the download.

Ok, yeh I see why Steinberg have done it this way. It makes more sense as it saves time for people.

Yeah, look, to run Cubase 11 it only requires a 560 MB file to be downloaded and installed. Great for recording on Laptops
Additionally you can use Padshop (even without content!) or the other instruments and it will still me rather small
Like that approach though I’d like to have an installation assistante which helps to better manage and understand the different components and version updates of all what’s included (30 GB so far)!

Yeah they need to provide additional guidance about what’s what.

I’d also like to see them include the PDF documents as items available to download,

I get 20MB/sec or higher download speed on the monolithic download.

It should remain as an option for those of us with first world internet service. The 20+ pieces are not convenient, and absolutely tedious. If you queue them all then it just results in a WAY SLOWER total download speed.