No full download?

sorry if this has been discussed but I just tried to buy H5, I got impatient waiting for a demo, and noticed the full version only comes as a boxed version. Am I missing something?? I’m in Canada and none of the stores have it yet

Yes, the full version only comes as a boxed version.

But… I have a tip for you if you own Cubase/Cubase Artist 6.5 or 7 :slight_smile:
I’ve made it yesterday and all is ok.

First, purchase the ABSOLUTE VST INSTRUMENT COLLECTION, and choose: Upgrade for Cubase customers.
Second, purchase Halion 5, and choose : Upgrade from Absolute VST Instrument Collection.

And you can download these two files.

That costs exactly the same price that Halion boxed version, but you get the Absolute vst for free!!

I would like to have a complete download of H5 & HS2 like we have with Cubase 7, even if you just upgrade from C6 or C6.5 !

But… for the same price you have Absolute VST Collection + Halion 5 + Halion Sonic 2 !!! :wink: