No Fx Channel in the Audio Mixdown

I’m using Cubase 8 Pro latest version with the Steinbery UR824.
In the Cubase project I’m using the UR824 as the project FX channel - simple track with just piano and vocal. However when I do Audio mixdown to an MP3 file - or any other file - The reverb which is on the FX channel is not there. The mix is totally dry.
I have tried countless options, but for whatever reason I can’t get the mix down to have the reverb from the FX channel on it.

Please help, as this will obviously affect all my mixes.


??? what do you mean exactly. how do you use this?

One of the templates in Cubase 8 pro sets up the FX In the UR824 as fx channel - like an outboard effect -that can be used in a project. Saves CPU I think. Although thats not an issue with just iano and vocal.
The vocal I have recorded is sent to the FX channel for Reverb. Everything works perfectly within the project, but when the audio mixdown is done there is no reverb on the track- completely gone.

Aha - I have just read an article in Sound On Sound and it says that you can’t route the DSP FX from the UR824 to the output channels of Cubase. Would that be correct?? Hence it wouldn’t be included in the Audio Mixdown??

i´m gonna try this out. maybe you should as a little help record the following UR-824 output-signal for its own on one track.
so it´s keeping digital stored on the disk, and should be saved for the Mixdown.

I haven’t found a way how to make it included in the mixdown either.
If you like the reverb, use the vst version with same settings.

Thanks for that. At least I know I am not going mad… yet. I found the below in the UR824 Manual, which at first glance for me didn’t seem to say anything, then after reading it several times the penny dropped.

“The REV-X equipped with the device and REV-X of
the VST Plug-in version have the same parameters.
However, the “OUTPUT” and “MIX” parameters are
only available in the VST Plug-in version.”

Thanks for having a go yourself.