no grid editing when tempo is ramped

hello…i thinks this is a known issue (maybe not a bug but an issue), and i apologize if it’s been discussed already, i used the search function but couldn’t find a solution…

i want to use the time warp tool to align bars to markers i created to follow a movie i’m scoring…
why can’t i do it with “ramp” selected on the tempo track?
it should make perfectly sense, because it’s perfectly musical…i want music to go from 120 bpm to 90 bpm with a “rallentando…” feel

but i can’t because i get this message: “no grid editing when tempo is ramped”

can anyone help me with a possible workaround?
is it a bug or a “feature request” already?

can anyone help me find good tutorials specifically for film composers features on Nuendo/Cubase ?

all the best

This has never been possible. Just use steps in small increments instead.


i’ll try posting a feature request…
thanks for your reply

I agree that it could be very useful. However, there is a really (and I mean really) clunky workaround, if you want to try it.


could you explain it to me or suggest me a link where i can find that?
thanks again

It’s not any kind of official way of working, so there is no link, but basically:

  1. Put in your Ramp so that it hit the correct place. The end point of the ramp can easily be scrolled so that it is in the correct place.
  2. Export a MIDI file
  3. Import the MIDI file, making sure that the tempo information is included in the import Preferences.

Your ramp has now been converted into several steps, so Warp is still possible in the project.


thanks for your help…
i posted a feature request…fingers crossed
all the best

Thanks for that trick! Clever!

mikeheels1982- I received your pm. DG’s workaround is the way to to go, and pretty clever too.

Just be sure to mute all the Instrument and MIDI tracks in the project for the export to avoid having midi tracks in the import.


Just one more thing to add. It is only cosmetic, for any practical uses, but you will find that on import many of your tempo marks have a tiny discrepancy when compared with those that you original set. The order of discrepancy is so small that it will make no difference, but may look a little odd.

The reason for this is that Nuendo works in beats per minute, but exports MIDI files as minutes per beat…!


In my case, I created a new version of the tempo track, set the tempo fixed and time warp, and then did all the good stuff.