No Groove Agent SE ?!

Hello everyone,
Irecently bought a lexcon alpha audio interface shipper with cubase 5, i updated via a voucher tu Cubase LE 9.5.4 that i dowloaded via the steinberg download assistant.
When i do the install i select everything, cubase, halion se and groove agent se, but when i launch cubase i only see halion se in the instruments and no groove agent even in “drums”.
I searched the forums and the internet for months now and i can’t find anything :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated. thanks in avance.

Hi and welcome,

Groove Agent SE is not part of Cubase LE license.

Cubase LE is the same installer and executable as Cubase AI and Cubase Elements. Groove Agent SE is part of Cubase Elements license, therefore it is always installed with this (combined) installer. But “blocked” by the limited LE license, therefore you can’t see it.