No guitar signal--very frustrating *solved. sorry

Hello, I have 5 days that i can afford to buy Cubase Artist, so i’ve downloaded the trial to see how this all works. To my horror, i can’t for the life of me figure out how to get a guitar signal. I’ve been on this forum for over an hour, i’ve been on youtube videos and not one seems to explain what i am trying to get solved. I need to be able to use this program.
I have tried everything to get this to work.

Every forum is full of problems for all software. The thousands who don’t have problems are not on the forum. The forums are there to help those who do. Most problems are either computer related or user error.

Choose your audio interface in Cubase and then set up connections. You don’t say what computer you have or audio interface so it’s very hard for anyone to help you. Cubase is not hard to get an input to it and get a sound out.

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It’s nearly always a configuration issue when folk are new to Cubase.

  1. Have you assigned your hardware interface connections to the inputs of your Cubase software yet?
  2. When you are recording to a channel, have you told that channel which input to record from in the Inspector dialog associated with it?
    I would highly recommend looking through the Getting Started section of the manual. It’ll save you mucho frustration in the long run, as I found out. Good luck.
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There is also the Cubase channel on YouTube which has some tutorials, like this one

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thank you, I appreciate it. I got it to work :sweat_smile: I was so frustrated it’s sad. The microphone on my privacy was turned off, so now I am playing and all is well. I am relieved. I’ll delete this, or update it saying it’s all good. Now i can get into the program and learn it.

solved. Sorry for the outburst. obviously some geniuses made this all, so it’s for sure not their fault. I just wish there was a very very very beginner level tutorial, but i’ve figured it out.

sadly mine was that my privacy didn’t have the mic on for cubase. I found the answer on reddit, i guess i didn’t even consider that as a possibility. Having messed with every combination possible on the audio connections, i feel like now i actually have a decent grasp on that. Happy accident i guess.

It was a such a low level mistake, that none of the many tutorials even mentioned it.

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Glad you sorted it.

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thanks. but that was only the beginning of my troubles. :unamused: