No Halion license causes sparse dialog/crash

I haven’t purchased a license for my trial version of Halion, with which I’d written a project with. Upon launching the project, I get the following screen:
It says that it can’t find a valid license for all of the Halion voices in the project (duh) plus many voices that are not in the project (huh?). The dialog contains no buttons, no close button, and I can’t do anything behind it. Cubase’s Quit command is greyed out, and it’s consuming 2 processors worth of computing power. I give it a couple of minutes, then force quit.

Is this Steinberg’s way of forcing me to buy a Halion license? Let’s see how effective they are…


This might be a monitor problem. If I change my monitor settings to a higher resolution, I can then “almost” see the button at the bottom of the “license not found” dialog. Clicking it lets me back into the project.

I did switch monitors since last opening this project. Perhaps Cubase isn’t properly sensing the dimensions of the new display configuration?