no halion sonic se ??

hi all i updated from cubase8.5***
as a clean install reformatted HD the whole hog
after a few mins i discovered that HS SE is gone…
is this normal or have i got a bad install file once again??
pls reply

Did you make sure to download a full installer as you were clean installing?

hi Grim
i guess…
it was what i got when i brought the product

I would think being as it’s such an old version you’re updating from that they would have sent the full vs but who knows.

Check the file size…it should be over 10.5Gb. If not then download full installer from your MySteinberg account.

got it
my bad
Duh !!!

:unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :laughing:

my bad again 8.5 sorry Grimm , :smiley:

Aha…not so old…so deffo the installer is only the main programme. All content and some other stuff (Halion SE apparently :wink: ) will be re-used from earlier versions

all sorted now
thanks Grim
i feel stupid , it wssoooooooooo obvious ,lol
lesson i learned never to install stuff after a looooooong night
cheers bro