No HalionOne, Halion 3 owners left out?

Have I got something wrong, here? There is no HalionOne in C6, and only a 90 day trial of HalionSonic SE, with a $99 upgrade to the permanent version of HalionSonic SE. Is that right? In 90 days, barring an “upgrade” there will be NO sample player in Cubase to handle some of the special content I have, such as the Yamaha grand piano?. Or will my old HalionOne VST still work?

Us Halion 3 owners have been assured the new Halion 4 will include all the capabilities of the full version of HalionSonic, plus full sampler capabilities. This was presumably why we were not provided any special pricing option to “upgrade” when HalionSonic was released. This was when Halion Player owners were provided a $99 upgrade option to the FULL version of HalionSonic.

Thus, what am I to make of a $99 “upgrade” offer to only a limited edition of HalionSonic?

Please tell me Halion 4 upgrade will (FINALLY) be available before the 90 day trial expires. If not, I’ll just say this is an intolerable situation.


And this is why I never rely on Cubase’s built-in plugins. I got burned once with Tonic; never again.

(Plus Halion ONE was rubbish - what good is a ‘sampler’ that cannot record…? And frequently refuses to load due to eLicenser errors?)

Kontakt FTW.

Have you actually read the marketing blurb?

It does not say “only a 90 day trial of HalionSonic SE”

The HALion Sonic update for Cubase 6 Owners €199.-
The Update Prices for The Grand 3 SE, Wavelab 7 Elements and HSO (or HALion Sonic Orchestra if you prefer :stuck_out_tongue:)
Are all €99.-
There is No Price included in the List for HALion Sonic SE (So It’s Included for free with Cubase 6)
I am also Pretty sure that HALion 3 Owners will get a great offer to get The Full HALion 4
and that HALion Sonic Owners will be pissed About that (they will have to pay more or might even have to buy the full version)
Let’s just wait and see if HALion 4 will Finally make it’s appearance this year
I actually think they will release Groove Agent 4 Before HALion 4 will be released
(well at least nobody expected Cubase 6 to be released before HALion 4 … well at least I didn’t)

The way I read it…
HALion Sonic SE is included in Cubase 6, and replaces HALionOne (but Sonic SE contains all the sounds from HALionOne). There is also a 60-day trial version of HALion Symphonic library for HALion Sonic SE (but is a full license if you already have HALion Symphonic… even the 16-bit version).
I think I read somewhere that there is also a trial version of The Grand SE (can’t find that now :confused: ), but anyways, no worries for HALion Sonic SE.

Aloha and merci mon ami.

Look here:
You Might notice this

Activation Code to permanently activate your copy of The Grand 3 SE that came with Cubase 6 or Cubase Artist 6.

Hi all,

I hope I can shed some light on this issue.

First of all, HALion Sonic SE is of course included with Cubase 6. No additional purchase required.

It replaces the HALionOne and comes with excellent new features and sounds (my personal opinion).
You can of course continue to use HALionOne (e.g. for old projects). It is simply not installed
by default with Cubase 6, but it’s on the installation disc should you need it.

If you already have Cubase 5 installed then HALionOne is installed as well and will be available in Cubase 6 as a plugin.

There are trial version of other instruments on the disc as well, namely HALion Sonic (full version, not the SE),
the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set, and The Grand SE 3.


Hi Sebastian

I was wondering does that mean that HALionOne actually gets an update or is it now legacy.

Also, is the old content compatible with HALion SE?

Thanks for clarifying that for us Sebastian.
It seems i’m not the only one that was a little confused about this. i think possibly the marketing materials are a little vague here.
OK HO wasn’t fantastic but it did have one or two decent sounds in there, handy that it’s also available still if you have C5 included!
Nice for those of us who purchased the HSO se will be getting the ‘upgraded’ sound set for HSse too and of course we still have the option to run the original we bought as a plugin OR the standalone so best of both worlds! thanks for that one! :smiley:
Any ideas when those of us in the UK who purchased via the steinberg on-line store can expect to receive our copies?

I am curious how much it will cost (USD) to upgrade Halion Sonic SE in Cubase 6 to the full version of Halion Sonic.

Go to the steinberg online shop there should be a “HALion Sonic (Activation Code)” in there
(if you are not sure hover over the shop link and A whole list will show up so you can see where it’s located)
Over here it’s EUR 199.00* inc VAT

it isn’t an upgrade …
The Full version Of HALion Sonic is Included with Cubase 6

Why is there a 16 bit and 24 bit version of the same orchestral product?

Wouldn’t it be better to have 1 product?

it sure is a shame that Halion 4 wasnt ready for the release of Cubase 6. Then they could have supplied a SE version or the 90 day thing to try and get some ppl hooked and possibly drag a few users away from Kontakt that has completely smashed Halion over the past 5 years. But that opportunity in time has passed Halion 4 by as well while it was busy loitering in the corner somewhere, unloved and unattended. Talk about really giving Halion 4 no chance whatsoever for a decent future. Being bundled with C6 in some way could have been its best chance at a recovery.

I own and use Halion 3 purely now for the CDROM extractions ive done over the years, to load fxb files. otherwise i dont bother.

I suppose they can always add a trial of Halion 4 to an update for Cubase 6…eg as part of the Cubase 6.1 update. But its missed being part of the “fanfare”. Shame. I wander if $teinberg even realise the opportunity that they missed.


Personally I am weighing my options at present since there seems quite a few (too many) at least in my view.

I was keen on HALion Symphonic Orchestra but now that excitement has subsided since realizing that even if I paid the 99 euro, I’d only have a 16 bit library to work with even in C6 and it would cost a further 199 euro to "upgrade to the full 24 bit application.

Maybe I have my facts wrong but I don’t even think you can purchase the original HSO anymore, so for a grand total of 298 euros what is the point of that when I can probably get away with using the new HALion SE, but I believe that might not be a good choice because it contains mostly old HALionOne content as far as I can tell and to me that sounded mostly rubbish.

Anyway maybe some clarification could be had on the sampler/rompler front because this forum just ain’t cutting it for me at this time. I tend to get more out of manuals when the websites aren’t clear or just ask members but on the middle front I don’t think I am getting very far.

Cheers forum

The HSO 24 is €499 in the Steinberg web shop now ?

And to call all included, bundled, standalone plugins HALion[insert confusion suffix] is madness.

But somebody likes confusion?

Not trying to quote you out of context or anything but I find this somehow a peculiar statement. Some kind of disappointment that websites don’t do what manuals do? :slight_smile: Or you can disregard my comment if you so wish! :wink:

That’s OK for I am honored to be quoted by the sundance wolf :slight_smile:

This is my plan:

Use C5.5 for the foreseeable future until I upgrade to windows 7
Buy Halion Sonic and a new steinberg key
Purchase C6
Trial Wavelab Elements
Upgrade Wavelab Elements

Does that sound like a plan to anyone?

Is it cheaper to buy both Halion Sonic and Wavelab Essential 7 or Elements whatever it’s called now and get C6 down the track when I can be bothered upgrading or should I upgrade the trials in a new Cubase 6.


Start with 6 and build from there.

That’s what I thought but there are two issues at play…

First, I don’t have windows 7.

Second it is time vs money eg if I buy Halion Sonic now I can use it in my currently (well working) setup and it will be updated into the future. That is it is a “supported product”.

The same goes for wavelab elements (I did not know there was a trial so that has confused me all the more)

In other words is there much difference in price between buying all 3 programs outright (first Halion Sonic, then Wavelab Elements and finally Cubase upgrade) or simply upgrade Cubase and then activate the respective licenses.