No hard copy manual - Grrr!

Like Pavlov’s dog, I had been conditioned, by former versions, to expect a nice thick manual, composed and created in clipped and logical german, translated into english, to peruse at my leisure in places and times of my choosing.

Surely a hard copy of the manual could have been an optional extra?

(Please don’t reply, accolading the iPad as an alternative to a book with pages. It simply doesn’t rate.)

NOT HAPPY, STEINY. (about that anyway. Otherwise life is going reasonably well. Thanks for asking.)

Currently I’m looking at having a local printer MAKE a book out of the PDF. Quote: $80.00

It should be a purchasable product from the website for ALL customers, no matter where they live and sent DIRECTLY from steinberg and not some stupid distributor.

Can you hear the clacking of keypads, as the elves scamble to put together their definitive “How to Cubase 6” books, soon to be available on Amazon?
Steinberg could make a buck out of having the manual available, for the low, low price of $29.99! (or more. I’d go to $35.90)
Okay, trees are important but, in a million years, the forests will return…we’ll be long gone, with our manuals. (except the Cubase 6 one, as it doesn’t exist in hard copy)

Ah well, one thing steiny do quite well is writing a good manual or “handbuch” but globalized online ordering must start somewhere, so what better than help resources.

Come on Steinberg get your act together!

I’m sure they’ll jump to it instantly :laughing: !


Been done to death this,a manual is no good to me ,I can’t read.

for a DAW user this is more advantageous than if you could not hear.
No kidding.

I think steinberg need to realize in a defacto kind of a way that they are accountable in one way or another to their users otherwise loyal followers will either try to bluff them into making changes they would otherwise not make or worse, threaten to go elsewhere.

It’s high time the corporation took stock of the situation and started providing things people actually need instead of blowing us with new features we don’t want or care about.

In a meanwhile, there is written in manual: Registered licensees of the product described herein may print one copy of this document for their personal use.
So… I guess you have right to use some known possibilities to make it accessible :wink:

Yeh and I’m going to print it all out and put it in a nice binder and everything just to make Steiny and co. happy.

While I’m at it I’ll put my DAW PC on the internet, set up Acrobat just to appease the internet giant.

Acrobat works fine! :laughing:
Me I don’t need the book, just for copying some specific words into TranslateIt! to get what they mean, so I was forced remove password from this OM.
Have a good tome with golden stamping book-cover :wink:

I agree with this,

I should be available as an option to buy when ordering cubase, or, at least, be available for a separate purchase.
Nothing can replace the paper feeling…