No hardware rack in the MixConsole view

And no audio hardware setup in Studio menu as well.
no audio hardware setup

My interface is updated to the latest available driver.

I 've read every related post that I found in this forum and followed all suggested actions , but still…

UR-C devices have a new way to display the hardware tab – it’s in the track Inspector. And note, you have to have inputs and outputs active. Namely you have to route one of the outputs in Audio Connections>Outputs

It is displayed properly in the track Inspector, as you can see in the 2nd picture. I didn’t know that it is supposed to display only there.

Just to say the obvious!
Did you ever click the rack in the mixer to open it?
In your picture, it is closed.

In the mixer view there is no option to display Hardware rack (top-right corner in second pict.). If you mean the inspector’s tab, then it is working as supposed to be. The point is that if I can access hardware’s settings through mixconsole.

Not with the UR-C series.

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OK, thanks