No help files installed

I have just installed Wavelab from the CD, but there are no help files or manual. The help menu is empty.

I tried re-installing again, but still the same.

I have only installed the 64-bit version, do I have to install the 32-bit version to get the manual installed?

I would read the manual, but unfortunately as the manual isn’t installed, there is nothing to read !


Are they installed in the Wavelab folder but not actually accessible from within the program?
You might find them in the Wavelab folder (and also on the installation disk) to read outside of the program. I get this with Cubase and that’s my solution for now. Not ideal but not a killer for me.

I got it working, I had to change the system language to GERMAN (though any other language would have probably worked), then reboot, then change it back to ENGLISH and reboot, and it is now working.

All I have to do now is try and get the CC121 to be recognized, but I now have a manual to read…

…wow, where did you get this from? :mrgreen:


That language change in PDF options? Mind you system language, reboot. Sounds like Windows. Hm?

It’s raining cats and dogs round here :slight_smile:

Thank you ! I change to English, reboot, I change back to French. Perfect.