No help from Asknet or Steinberg concerning the purchase of incorrect upgrade!

I purchased an upgrade (from Cubase AI 9 to Cubase Artist 11) on the 29 November. Evidently, I selected the wrong upgrade. I have been trying to get some help to purchase the correct upgrade, but neither Asknet nor Steinberg have come back to me to assist. Has anybody got the contact information of somebody that is willing to help with this ?


I’m sorry, only AskNet can help you. Did you double-check your mail Spam folder, please? Did you get at least auto-replay, your message has been received?

Here is the link to the AskNet support, but I guess this is the one you used.

Asknet has replied and said they only do the order & delivery. They said I need to go to Steinberg but I don’t have a contact person. They gave me the email address but nobody replies.

Give it a few days. Last time I sent them email it took weeks for them to reply. But my inquiry was rather different. Hopefully they will respond quicker to help you with licensing.