No help in Elements 9

I just installed Elements 9 on an always-on machine. Runs OK, but the Help/Cubase Help menu item doesn’t function. I see a quick ‘busy’ icon (~1/4 sec.) but nothing else happens, no browser, no help window. There used to be a documentation folder in the Cubase Program Files tree, but no more. I tried copying the PDF files into a new documentatrion folder in the program tree, but still nothing.

This is really just a minor inconvenience for me but I’m just wondering if anyone else has one that is working. If so what are you getting, web help or the PDF help files?


There is no PDF help anymore. The internet browser should start with relevant webpage.

There was an issue in first Cubase 9 versions. Make sure, you have the latest update installed, please.

You can always access both the online help and the pdf downloadable manuals here.

PDFs do exist, I have 'em all. Elements 9 doesn’t open them, though. Plus, I have the latest, up to date’est :blush: yet nothing happens when I click the menu chain.

I’d try a reinstall if I weren’t so durn lazy. (Just think of all the Solitaire I’d miss!) Plus, I don’t want to introduce any other unexpected results. :wink:

Like I said, it’s really a minor issue. Just a mild annoyance at having to access it separately. I was just curious whether others might have the issue or know of a fix.

Sounds like something is blocking Cubase from going online…overly cautious firewall perhaps?
What’s your default browser in Windows?

There’s also a hack somewhere on here to have the menu open up the pdf instead of the online help…but only works for a single pdf of course.

I haven’t had any problems like the one you’re describing. I’m using Elements 9.0.30 on a windows 10 machine. Just curious, does your hub connect when you open a project or create a new one?

Yup, the Hub connects.

This just gets “curiouser and curiouser”, as POGO used to say (a US cartoon character, for those not old enough to remember). I found some posts pointing to edits in the help-urls.xml file. As a test, I replaced the url path to point to my local copy of the PDF Operation manual. The operational manual now appears in the Help menu, but clicking on it elicits the same ‘nothing’ behavior as with the web reference. I know it is pointing to the correct file, because when I set it up, I misspelled the file name and got an error message. So with the error corrected, it just sits there, like before.

I’m having fun, now! In full diagnosis mode. Beats Solitaire. I’m taking a break now, though, the eclipse is starting here.

I can’t pull up help with f1 either. I used to do it all the time. Also, on the hub, when I try to check for updates, it takes me to my text editor. It is awful strange…