No hints for the work with tablatures.

It’s terrible how confusing Dorico’s help is. With most keywords you don’t get a result in the search field. For example, I enter “tablature”, but there is no result. There is not a single hint for handling tablatures. Anyway, I can’t find it in the help. How else could I find it if not with the help of the search field, in which I enter the keyword “tablature”?
Dorico can do many things that other notation programs can only dream of, but the simplest things often don’t work at all. Unfortunately. I could list many long examples of what I could do in the twinkling of an eye in Finale or Musescore, and what is not possible with Dorico. How could I create a staff without lines and then write a chord symbol in the middle of the bars? I don’t succeed with Dorico. There may be a possibility, but I can’t find anything in the helpfile.
For example, where can you change the number of staff lines? It’s a good thing that I haven’t deleted Musescore yet.

Searching Google for “Dorico guitar tab” returned this as the first result:

…and this very early in the list:

At present you cannot create a custom staff with a different number of staff lines.

I doubt there is a long list of things you can do in Finale that you cannot do in Dorico, though I know of a few things. Whether a particular function is faster in Finale depends very much on your proficiency with those respective programs. My overall workflow is nearly twice as fast in Dorico as it was in Finale. Of course your mileage may vary.

I cannot understand Videos in American English very well. I’m searching for explanations in German, and normally such explanations are to find in the helpfile, isn’t it?
Is there no handbook of Dorico 3 in German? Why couldn’t I download it when purchasing the program?

There’s a manual for Dorico 2 auf Deutsch, not yet for Dorico 3. It covers the majority of the functionality (though not tab, of course).

You can always post questions here on the forum, and you’ll usually receive a fast and helpful reply from the team or from knowledgeable users (Not me in this case… I don’t use tab much, sorry!)…

Another question:
In classical guitar notation a full barre is indicated by a vertical line with above the roman number of the fret, or by a “C” with the roman number of the fret, but I’m not able to make a horizontal line. And there is also need for a horizontal line to show, how long the barre lasts.

No answer needed, I found it out. Thanks.

MrBiki, how did you get the desired result?
(in case someone else is looking for help and reads this thread to find an answer to the problem).

In these videos.

yes, the videos by Anthony Hughes are extremely valuable help.
Best ever :slight_smile: