No hitpoints found in Cubase Artists...

Hello folks, how’s life?
Here a weird issue I’ve got in Cubase Artist 10 (and 10.5). I need to match some MIDI work to a humanly recorded audio. I know I must work with hitpoints which are automatically made to audio by Cubase. But… I can’t find the hitpoints anywhere!! As suggested in the Manual, I look in the Inspector for the section Hitpoints, there is nothing like it, I open the Sample Editor - there is nothing like hitpoints there ! What the fun is happening ?? My machine still uses Windows 7 Pro (which I really value a lot) with 8-core AMD 4GHz, 8GB RAM, 64bit . Does anyone have a clue to suggest? Thanks in advance!

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You certainly have done that before posting, but nevertheless: Configure the inspector to show the hitpoints tab…?

Yes, I’ve checked that but it doesn’t even HAVE a ‘Hitpoint’ option. In the same time, “Enable automatic Hitpoint detection” is check-enabled in Edit-Preferences-Audio! It seems here is a godforbidden mystery. And I’ve paid for both Artist 10 and 10.5 .

Can you post a screenshot?
Apart from that: if you just want to align an existing MIDI file with a fixed tempo to a freely recorded Audio Performance, you do not necessarily need Hitpoints.
Just create a tempo map with the timewarp tool that fits your Audio Performance, then Import the MIDI file, with “ignore mastertrack on merge” checked in preferences. That should automatically align the MIDI file to Manually created tempo track.


First click to the Sample Editor, to make sure, the focus is in the Sample Editor and the Inspector shows Editor inspector (not Track Inspector).

You can also try to rght-click in-between the Inspector tabs and make sure Hitpoints is enabled.

Here a screenshot and as seen, there is no Hitpoints choice.

You Need to go into the sample Editor.

No such options for both suggestions…

Not even there I can see anything like Hitpoints.

That´s the Audio part Editor and these are parts not events. You Need the sample Editor and Events. You could use bounce selection to make Events from the parts

Thanks every one for your feedback.
I just don’t find the Hitpoints indication as instructed in the Manual, nor after your suggestions.
Yet, it has calculated them and I can have a Hitpoints Marker track…
Go figure.

It’s a weird mystery… and I was always struggling with the “logic” in Cubase…

Record an Audio Event and double click on it.

Ok, I double clicked on an event in the Editor and I have this in the Sample Editor, with no hitpoints:

You need to show the inspector in the sample Editor. “Left Zone” from the info line.

Left zone.JPG

Oh… now I see them… But still, they are not shown in the Project window…

Anyway, I may also try with the timewarp tool and see what it does.

But I will repeat that Cubase may be a wonderful software but it’s way far from user friendly…

Again, thanks a lot for your feedback !
I work for 20+ years with Cubase and haven’t done extended work with MIDI, just basic stuff. It’s just now that I have to “adjust” MIDI work to fit to a freely ‘ad libitum’ recorded Audio… and I have to struggle with the user-un-friendliness of Cubase… Never the less, sleeves up…