No HSO in Cubase 6 Instruments

I’ve just upgraded from Cubase 5 to Cubase 6. When I did so I also bought a new computer and now I have Windows 7 as operating system. Everything seems ok except that there are no Halion Symphonic Orchestra in the system. When I go to the load instrument part there are no HSO. Please, anyone, help. :cry:

Assuming you have a license (?) and have installed the content from the 2nd DVD, you’ll find the HSO sounds in HALion Sonic SE. Filter on “symphonic” and it should list 111 patches.

There’s no seperate HSO VSTi as part of Cubase 6 but if you want you can download the latest version and it will run with the same license as the HSO VST Instrument Sound Set.

Ok! I’ll have a look at it this evening. I was a bit confused since they had this new HSO interface in the manual. I thought that it would open with that interface. Many thanks! Nyke

Thanks MrSoundman. That solved my problem! :smiley: