No Idea How To Record Vocals

I have a ST77 Microphone with a Roland TRI-CAPTURE interface. I am recording VOCALS ONLY on cubase 5. Can someone please tell me how in the world I can get this setup settings wise. Like I have no idea what drivers to use even. I’m a complete newbie and I apologize! Also, I spoke to someone and they said that I have 2 audio cards working. The one in my interface and the one on my computer. How do I disable the one in my computer!? Also, I’m sure you are going to say select the ASIO driver. But does that mean the ASIO4ALL driver or the ASIO Full DUPLEX driver? PLEASE HELP! :cry:

Have you downloaded and installed the latest driver for your operating system (which is … :confused: ) ?

That is what you should have selected for your driver in Cubase’s device setup.

I am running windows 7… and yes I have that driver and am using it now. Still not fixing anything :frowning:

Have you set up your “VST connections” in Cubase to correspond to your interface inputs/output(s)?

To disable your computer sound, go to “device manager” and disable the on board sound

Hi, Have you managed to get this working? Firstly, is the octa-capture working on your system with the latest drivers?
Make sure it is the default audio device in your operating system. Open Cubase, go to the device menu and the bottom of the list is devices, select the Octa-Capture as the ASIO driver.

Do not do this, but just disable system sounds in the Personalization settings.

You will not want your recording sessions being hijacked by the OS because it suddenly wants to use your soundcard. As long as the onboard sound card is enabled as the OS’s default, but silenced, applications like Cubase can be set to independently use the higher quality audio interface without interference.