No individual snap for drums in drum editor?

A feature I have been using a lot when programming drums is individual snap value for each drum in the drum editor. In C10 pro this does not work. Only the global grid/ snap value is shown and is also what each drum hit will snap to when I draw along the timeline.
So, is this another removed feature or is it a bug? I may be missing something, but it works fine in 9.5.


Individual snap values for each drum have always existed as far as I know. It didn’t work for you? Attached is examples of 3 different snap values set, then using drumstick tool and moving, automatically fills in the hits at the snap values. In the example, 1/64th, 1/8th, and 1/2.

Ok, thanks. Have to figure out what I am doing wrong then. Would love to hear suggestions on what that could be! In 9.5 it works all day every day.

Are you typing in the snap values for each drum track?
To my knowledge, there is no change with the 9.5 vs. 10 drum editor.

No, just selecting the value in the snap column for each drum/ note. Exactly like in your example. The value changes, but the grid does not change and snap just follows global. I’ve been searching high and low for a button/ option to have the editor follow global or individual snap but I can’t find any.

If there ever was in prior versions, I’m not aware of it.

Anyway it’s working as intended here.

Have you trashed your preferences, temporarily re-name any old Cubase versions, and then start C10 and let it re-build?

OK … I was doing something wrong. I had overlooked the “use snap from drum map” option. Somehow this option has been the default in earlier versions. (at least on my system)

Anyways… Thanks Greggybud for helping!