no information on dorico elements

I may be missing something. I am very interested in dorico elements but I cannot find a single youtube video on it. Everything is dorico full version . I would like to see the dorico elements in action before purchase. I know there are spec sheets but I would like to see a multi instrument multistaff example that I know is available in the elements version of the software. Does elements version support two staff piano notation?

There’ll be a trial version available in the next week or so - I suggest you wait for it and then find out for yourself, before you buy.

And yes, it supports two-staff Piano notation.

We are planning on doing a video series specifically on Dorico Elements but we haven’t had a chance to do it yet. Ant is currently working on a set of videos about the new features in Dorico Pro 2, and then a series on Elements will be the next big project.