No input audio in Cubase. In other DAWs, yes

I’m completely at a loss. PLEASE help.

On MAC, if I open up Logic Pro or Reaper, I can use any of the 3 audio devices I have - I hear output, and I can record input.

However, in Cubase 13 AND Cubase 12, I now don’t see any input signal at all. None. Nothing coming into the MixConsole. And I can’t record audio.

I do hear audio on the output, however.

So, I have reinstalled 12 from scratch - I trashed the application, I hid all my preferences folders (for all Cubase versions), then went into the Steinberg Download Assistant and downloaded Cubase again (just the main application. not all the extra stuff.)

No joy.

I run Cubase 12 and 13 in Rosetta mode, but it doesn’t matter if I switch to Apple Silicon mode, still no input audio.

I don’t know where to go from here.

The only thing I did recently was open a huge template file and did a bunch of editing in it to save it as a new template. That template had a ton of plugins in it. I’m not sure if the complexity of that template completely bjorked my install of Cubase or not. If so, it bjorked both Cubase 12 and 13. Weird.

Again, Cubase works fine just playing output.

A search on the internet and in the forum brings up some topics about that issue.
Microphone access is needed for Cubase.

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I was about to post a similar response, and your post magically appeared before I could hit the reply button… :joy:

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Damnit! Hours wasted.
Thank you both. That fixed it.

I really thought I had googled as hard as necessary on it.