No input audio in Halion 6 when loaded as VST in Cubase 10 Pro

I’m on Windows 10 using a Steinberg UR44 interface.

I’m probably doing something stupid, but after way too much fiddling I can’t get this to work: When loading Halion 6 as a VST in Cubase 10 Pro, I’m not seeing any audio signal for input in the recorder. It shows “input (inactive)” (see screenshot). It picks up the midi signals fine.

I have no issues with this in Halion 6 standalone, but it would be nice to get this working from within Cubase.

Cubase is using the ASIO driver. I have no issues recording audio inputs to tracks in Cubase.

Appreciate any help.


I would recommend to move this to the HALion thread.

From the HALion operation manual:

Allows you to select the source from which to record. You can use HALion’s side-chain input, the output of one of the slots in HALion, or one of the plug-in outputs.

Thanks! Appreciate the direction. Understanding how to configure side-chain input is the missing piece here.