No input/playback sound, but export is fine

HI! I’m new to this forum and to making music in general.
I’ve searched these forum and I can see that this kind of questions comes up a lot, but few solutions are posted, unfortunately.

I have installed ASIO4ALL and designated it as my sound driver under VST Audio System. I’ve set up I/O busses under Audio Connections (see attached screenshot), but I still can’t hear any sound in Cubase (yes, monitoring is disabled). I can see the levels move in Cubase when I play on by board, so input data is coming through.

Even more weird: If I record midi from my seaboard, I can’t hear it in Cubase, but it exports just fine. Same goes for any other audio resource: No playback sound in Cubase, sound fine in exported file.

I’m really stuck on this, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi and welcome,

Try to increase the Buffer Size.

Martin Jirsak, you are a lifesaver!
I had to switch back to Generic Low Latency ASIO, somehow ASIO4All doesn’t work for me. There being no sound with the generic driver was the reason I switched to ASIO4All in the first place, but switching back and increasing buffer size with the generic driver seems to have done the trick! I hope I won’t run into any other walls now :slight_smile:
Thank you!