No input signal??

Hi everybody!
I’ve been searching for solution for hours, but just can’t find it. I have Cubase 10.5, Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen and Windows 10 set for recording some bass lines, but no input signal appears what so ever into cubase?

Yeap, the VST setups are fine, Focusrite USB driver everywhere correctly and same goes with the Audio settings, subs are correctly connected to Focusrite and everything.

The odd thing is, that I can listen to all ready made recordings from Cubase! And, yes, focusrite clearly sents signal to PC, because it shows in the settings, where you can test the mic. It seems, that only place, where the signal should go, is the track, meaning, no input signal to cubase, thou it’s coming into PC.

I tried out deleting the cubase and downloading it back, but no change. Neather helped the updating of the Focusrite’s drivers. I also tried connecting the focusrite to our macbook, which we use in our rehearsal, but the same result.

Is the using Focusrite as a fishing net weight only sollution?

if you can see the input but not hear it then it sounds like the arm or monitor is not set correctly on your track. check page 115 in the manual if you are not familiar with what the buttons in the audio inspector do

Thanks, Glenn, for a good suggestion, but I think this isn’t the case. When the monitor button is on, there should be some movement in the channel indicator beside the fader and on the track. When I start the recording, the recording starts normally, but no sound gets recorded. Just a straight line appears on the track. I’ve been wondering wheter this has something to do with the Zoom R16, which we’ve been using in the rehearsal. Everytime I launch the cubase, I get a Missing Port -notification in which it reads that “Zoom R-16_R24 Audio Interface” would be missing, though I’ve removed the Zoom’s drivers and re-downloaded the cubase. Could there be some “ghost file” somewhere hidden in my PC, a reminder of the old Zoom?

a blank line in the record lane would indicate wrong input. are you sure you set your inputs correctly? Press F4 > pick input > set your inputs… then in the inspector make sure to set the input accordingly on your track.

I hope I understand you correctly and that it works out for you

I wish I could send you pictures of the settings, but inputs are set correctly. I’ve been using cubase several years now. I’m not a professional, but neither a completely novice. Meaning, I’m pretty sure I have the input, outputs and settings correctly. That’s why I’m so puzzled. I’ve checked half the youtube and all problem solving and guidence videos are about these settings, so they haven’t given me any useful hints to follow so far.
I think I need to buy the cubase on my son’s PC (he won’t mind at all…) and try the setting up there. Just to possibly prove that the fault is in my old laptop (HP Envy, year stone-and-axe).

just move your dongle to another computer if you wanna set up on a different computer. no need to buy an extra copy

Yep, you’re right, Glenn. That’s the better option.