Am I stupid? Since updating my Mac Studio Ultra to Ventura I don`t get Input Signals via Dante Controller in Cubase (Version 12.0.50). Output works!
You think it’s the outboard Equipment? No…when I take other Machines (with Ventura) like MacBooks Pro in the same setup it works!!!
Maybe I do a fatal mistake in Cubase…who knows, but I am not a starter with Cubase.
Who can help me please…is it the MacStudio or my foolish???

…remark… in Dante Controller I see the patched Signals in and out … In Cubase all 64-Channels are active in/out and all configured! But if I create a Audiochannel and patch it to a defined Channel there’s no Signal.

As usual let’s start by ruling out the easy things. Can you post a screenshot of your Audio Connections (Inputs)?
Also a shot of Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System, please.
Is this Cubase Pro or Artist or…?

Hi Johnny, its Cubase 12 Pro, here the screenshots:
Screen audio in.pdf (77.0 KB)

Screen CubasePro.pdf (41.5 KB)

Dante IN.pdf (57.8 KB)
Dante1.pdf (121.8 KB)

Ohne Titel 3.pdf (99.4 KB)

Anybody else can take over from here? Dante is way beyond my knowledge.