No Inserts In Channel Setting Window

This is for 9.5.3 and 9.5.4]
Suddenly i can’t do anything on the Channel Settings Inserts
They seem to be OK if accessed on the mixer but it’s slowing the wprkflow down and this has only just happened.

Then you should simply switch back from routing- to insert view…!

Many Thanks svennilenni
Once again you have come to my aid

hi there! same problem but how do I actually “switch back from routing to insert view”? :slight_smile:

Click on it???

negative. the only way inserts work is in the inspector section on the left. In channel settings (when I click the ‘e’) it won’t let me add any inserts, the outline of the box turns red. even if i turn the inserts on or off. (i had a screenshot but i don’t think I can attach images here)

What happens if you try in “Safe Start” mode with disabled preferences? Any change?

Then you have a different problem and not the same as @titchyblackcat

Without a screen shot it’s just guessing

Here’s a screenshot~!


You’re still in the routing tab. Click on the “Inserts” tab, at the bottom left of the window.