No instruments in Halion Sonic SE 3

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Halion Sonic SE 3 several times, but each time only the indian drum set with 4 drums is installed. A friend does the exact same steps to install, but with him everything is correct.

Please run to Steinberg Library Manager to check if you’ve actually installed the factory libraries.

They are not installed i know this, but thats what I don’t understand. Like I said, my friend did the exact same steps but on his Laptop the libraries have been installed unlike on mine.

Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant, click the version of your Steinberg DAW and install Halion Sonic SE’s content.

I experienced this also .
I deleted everything from the library manger and kept the downloads content .

copied them to a new folder , then clicked on the downloaded files and that made them show up … however I don’t think its all there . so I would like to see a fix for it , it works fine on some installs but fails on others kind of random

When you click “Open” or “Install” in the Steinberg Download Assistant, all of the .vstsound files stored in that same folder will be installed.

Please update Halion Sonic SE 3 to the latest version and follow these steps if the content doesn’t show up:

ok will try that