No instruments in Halion sonic SE

New re-install of everything up to 7.05 due to a coputer failure.

I reloaded content twice and its still not a single instrument is available
I also have a license for HSO and it is only showing up as a standalone

Is there a setup/search step I forgot to follow thru on?
Any ideas/sympathy ?


Rescan the content location in Media Bay…

For whom it may interest this was my solution

In July after a motherboard failure, I was obliged to re-install Cubase but started from my Cubase 5 install disks and should have started from my Cubase 6 install disks. Today I only took the Halion Sonic SE for uninstall then re-install and after, its content installer from the same Cubase 6 DVDs.

That remedied the SE situation now Im getting all the instruments.

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: