No instruments loaded, no sound, no play, nothing - iPad Version

I just can’t get any sound out of my iPad running Dorico (latest download as of today 6/8./23. I can assign instruments to players and I have imputed a piece of piano music to test it. I have just one solo player on the Piano. I can’t edit the instruments (I guess that’s not in the iPad version). I get no sound. Somewhere I saw that there are no Audio Units instruments loaded. How do I actually load instruments (I would have thought they wo/uld auto-install when I installed the software!)? What am I missing? Thanks for your help….

Dave F.

Welcome to the forum, Dave. I’m sorry that you’ve got this problem. Please try choosing Reset Sounds from the application menu (at the very right-hand side of the toolbar). Does this help?

If so, then this is a known bug in the current version of Dorico for iPad that we are working to fix as soon as possible.