No item "Create Sampler Track"

Cubase 11 LE AI has such a problem, there is no “Create Sampler Track” item.
The license version came with the ur22c card, at first I thought that the problem was not the full version, but I looked on the YouTube for reviews of the supplied software and everything is in order, I already managed to reinstall Windows and Cubase itself, it did not help. Perhaps you need to click on some checkbox in the settings that I am not aware of, or I still don’t understand something, but I hope experienced users will help me and explain where I didn’t finish watching.
Thanks in advance!

1 - This is how it looks for me
2 - This is how it should be


Sorry but you are mistaken . Neither LE or AI comes with the Sampler Track capability. Elements is the slimmest version that has it. See the Highlights section here

Thank you so much!
As I understand it, my cheapest option is to upgrade from LE to Elements?

Sounds right. However there is a sale going on right now. I don’t know the specifics, but saw something about upgrading to Artist gets you Pro instead. So worth taking a look at.

OK thanks

The get-Pro offer is for the full version of Artist only, not valid for upgrading to Artist.
Still a good deal to upgrade though (to any level).