No Key Commands after upgrade to 8.5

I upgraded from 8 to 8.5 now I have no Key Commands or Preferences. I found my “My Key Commands.xml” but Cubase says it is not a Key Command file. How do you do this? Should I have stuck with 8.0? :imp:


During the very first start of Cubase 8.5, all Preferences should be merged from Cubase 8.0. If it doesn’t work, try to delete the Cunase 8.5 Preferences folder and launch C8.5 again. Make sure, there is Cubase 8 Preferences folder. Btw: if you are on Windows, make also sure, you are using the same bit version (like 64bit > 64bit or 32>32bit), please.

“My Key Commands.xml” is not the proper file. It should be named “Key Commands.xml”.

Thanks Martin,

I’ll try that when I get home.

Cubase gives me a way to save my Key Command Files and it is called “My Key Commands” so this is the file I need.

Deleting that folder worked. Thanks again!