no keyboard response after update

hi, have recently updated my cubase 5 to version 5.5.3, and now my midi keyboard does not work any of my vsts…!!

is this an update issue…?

First thing to do: Check your MIDI settings - done that already…?

ive have done every thing i possibly can think of only that when i updated with 5.5.3 it has never worked.?

shall i re-install 5.5.0 to see if i get my keyboard working…?

If the 5.5.3 update doesn’t offer anything useful to you, I would to see if it is indeed the update. Is there any response in the MIDI activity of the transport panel? I might also take a look at your setup and see if this update reset your prefs, MIDI setup, or anything that could alter the connection to Cubase.

@drewalan: You had posted something different before, hadn´t you…!?

:question: Before I came along, obviously…

What was it? :open_mouth:

Sorry, I mixed it up… :blush: