No Kontakt to be found

installed Kontakt player 5.6.6 and evolution steel string from orangetreesamples
all in their default install folders
How to make Dorico see K ?

I read that K was vst2 and whitelistd by default

Its my first encounter with K so please be patient with me and generous in your details

thanks a lot for your help


Right, Kontakt is whitelisted by default, so Dorico resp. the audio engine should pick it up automatically.

So if you go to Play Mode, on the right side is the list of instantiated VST instruments. By default always HALion Sonic SE gets chosen, but if you click on the little down arrow on the right, you should get a list of all available VST instruments. In that list, Kontakt doesn’t show up?

If not, then please zip up following folder and post here:
Win: C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine_64
Mac: /Users//Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine

Thankyou Ulf
here is the folder (621 KB)

Thanks for the data.
Strange, the audio engine reads the whitelist, but it can not find the actual Kontakt plug-in.

See, I have a very basic Kontakt installation and on my machine the location of the plug is
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2\Kontakt 5 16out.dll

Where is Kontakt installed on your machine?

C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit\Kontakt 5.dll
C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit\Kontakt 5 16out.dll
C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit\Kontakt 5 8out.dll
C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 32 bit\Kontakt 5.dll
C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 32 bit\Kontakt 5 16out.dll
C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 32 bit\Kontakt 5 8out.dll

I left the K installer install by default

Cubase 9 Elements did find it

Then your Kontakt is currently in a location where the audio engine does not look for. We currently do not yet have a GUI where users could add additional search paths. Please have a look at my attachment. It’s an XML file which contains all the search paths where the audio engine shall look for VST2 plug-ins. I’ve added also the appropriate path for your case.
Please first unzip the attachment and then put the XML file to C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine_64 and restart Dorico, it shall then also pick up Kontakt.
Vst2xPlugin SearchPaths (576 Bytes)

Thank you Ulf
from there it was easy
have a nice and smooth day

Hello Ulf,
I am experiencing the same problem while using Dorico 2. Kontakt 6 as well as Kontakt 5 are not being seen by Dorico. Below you will find the zipped VSTAutoEngine2_64 folder and Dorico diagnostic report. I will be the most grateful for your help.
VSTAudioEngine2_64.rar (333 KB)
Dorico (476 KB)

Hi TomekK,
with VST3 we were more strict, so those plug-ins must get installed at certain predefined places.
With VST2 we did not have these standards, so they may get installed anywhere on your harddisk.
In that case, you need to tell the hosting app (in this case Dorico) where to find those plug-ins.
In Dorico, choose from the main menu Edit > Preferences. In the then appearing dialog, choose the Play tab and scroll all the way down.
Under the heading ‘VST Plug-ins’ there is a button ‘VST2 Plug-in Paths’.
There you can type in the path to your Kontakt installation.
Note, the new path does not get scanned immediately, you need to restart Dorico once.

Hi Ulf,
Many thanks! It works perfectly now.

Hello to all

The Kontakt entry in the Dorico default whitelist is “Kontakt 5 16out”. This is clearly inappropriate for Kontakt 6 (either 32- or 64-bit DLL). After making a backup, I tried changing the entry to “Kontakt 6 16out”; however, Kontakt still did not appear in the list of instruments. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit DLLs, both of which are called simply “Kontakt.dll” by Native Instruments, are on the Dorico search path.

What am I doing wrong?

Just add “Kontakt” to the whitelist and that will do.

Hi Ulf
I’m having the same problem, I’ve added the filepath where the KontaktPlayer2.dll is, and added KontaktPlayer2 to the whitelist, but after attempting several variations and restarting it still never shows up in Dorico. Any suggestions what to try next?

Hi db333,

in Dorico choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That creates a zip file on your desktop, please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg do de’.
Also, please tell me the path to KontaktPlayer2.dll

Kontakt player 2 is 32 bit only. It will never work.

Indeed, if KontaktPlayer is 32 bit only, then it will never work with Dorico, because we only deliver a 64bit version.

I checked again and added C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit - I’d previously pointing it to another place that seemed to have the plugin, but didn’t find anything. When I added that link it found it this time. Thanks for your help!

Hi Ulf

Yes, adding just “Kontakt” to the whitelist works, even though it is already there (in a different format). I expected Kontakt to work with Dorico almost by default. Thank you for the assistance.

The string that goes into the whitelist is based on the bundle/dll name of the plug-in vendor, so for ‘Kontakt 5’ it has to be “Kontakt 5 16out”.
With the new ‘Kontakt 6’ Native Instrument decided to rename the bundle/dll, so now it is only “Kontakt” that needs to go into the whitelist.
Internally we already made a change to the default whitelist, it will come with the next major update.