No latin percussion instruments available, at all? Anywhere?

I have Cubase Pro, but never bothered with Groove Agent SE. Now I’m looking, but can’t find any latin percussion at all. No expansions that I can find either. I see latin percussion being used on Youtube, but the pack (Disco Craze) doesn’t come up in searches anywhere.
Can anyone point me to percussion other than modern drum ‘kits’?

You need the full Groove Agent for that

I have the full Groove Agent 5 application and plug in and I am unable to find either the percussion expansion or the Percussion Agent both of which have been referenced by presenters on YouTube. Have they been discontinued or should I download Groove Agent 5 again. My latest update for Groove Agent 5 VST3 is I also have the standalone version. I would love to know what I am failing to understand with this issue if anyone can assist please.

I have the same question. I just downloaded the full version of Groove Agent 5 but the percussion agent was not part of the download. Can anyone help us with this??. TY.

Install the content again. Ît will be there.