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So most time when I initiate a Triebwerk instance I get this warning. Also the sound is either non existent or garbled!

Ive purchased, registered and have the licence on my dongle.

Any ideas?
Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 5.21.51 PM.jpg

Just noticed it only does that in 64bit C7 version. 32bit is fine so far.

Nope…still an issue in 32BIT as well.

Would prefer to work in 64bit…any ideas?

It’s all down to SB ridiculous installer that throws sound sets all over the drive like aural dandruff instead of allowing users to specify unique locations.

Many users have this proble, it’s easy enough to fix on windows just by copy or move files to the app/roaming folder though not sure where that would be on a apple system

You should find the answer here though

Good luck, you’ll get there!