No Levels in Mixer and no Sound

I’m using Cubase 9.5 with windows 10, working on a project I’ve developed for the last few weeks. It’s been working fine until I mixed down. The mixdown went well, but after I mixed down, I went back into the project to tweak it and now there are no levels and no sound on any of the tracks. I hit play and see the cursor move, and I can visually see the waves and midi events, they just don’t produce any sound in the mixer. The same thing happens now with all of my old projects that were working before. My audio driver works, I hear sounds from other applications and standalone VSTs. Any ideas? I’ve already re-installed my audio driver and it made no difference.


Could you try to select another ASIO driver? Does it work?

Could you try to change the Buffer Size?

It does. In the Cubase studio I get three choices: Realtek ASIO, Generic Low Latency ASIO and Focusrite ASIO from my interface. Before I had this issue, I would use the Realtek, which still doesn’t work. But now, If I switch to either the Low Latency ASIO or Focusrite, everything works. I don’t know where the Generic driver comes from, but it seems to work OK, so I guess I’ll just use it instead of the Realtek when I’m not hooked up to the Focusrite.