No libraries found

Just try to install the new free Halion content Colors free, but I’ve forgot to connect the external drive to my laptop (MacBook Pro M1/Ventura) and the content is installed on the default location on the build in harddrive.
I connect the external drive, start the Librarian and the default path pointed to the external drive, that’s ok. And the location is full of vstsound files but the librarian shows no libraries.
Doubleclick the installerfiles and the vstsounds are installed on the internal drive, not in the default path, after this process, the librarian shows … no libraries found.
The default location (on my external drive) is not accepted anymore, the libs are installed on the internal harddrive.
Access rights are set for both librarian and download manager.

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Can your DAW/HALion access the external drive?
Try saving and loading a preset there.

yes, of course, the external drive is accessible. The only fault I’ve done, is to start the Download Manager to get the free lib and not connect the external drive. After this, I MUST download again all the libs. A rescan is not possible because the rescan functionality didn’t exist :frowning:
btw. the download manager says “Erneut installieren” for each lib, but it’s already installed … but the MediaBay in Cubase couldn’t find anything.
At now I’ve downloaded all libs again and now it’s up and running.
btw. some libs where deleted from the download folder after the copy process, some not.

Sorry for the hassle, glad you found a solution though.