No licence available

Hi. I bought Cubase Pro 11 upgrade from AI from Thomann, but when I enter Activation Code to e-licencer I get message “There is no licence availible which can be upgraded by your upgrade license.”
Also, my elicenser is empty, even I have Cubase Elements, which works fine.

Thank you!

  • You have to move the AI license to the USB key
  • you have to activate the AI license and then upgrade it.

But you have a USB elicenser that comes only with a retail package or a full version (as opposed to upgrade)

Note that the AI license ≠ Elements license.

You have to move the AI or Elements license onto the e licenser BEFORE you can upgrade the e licenser to C11. AI and Elements are SOFTWARE licenses if you will

Someone can correct me if wrong here

but how to do this if there is no AI in my elicenser? it shows that there is nothing at all.

You image displays the USB key, but the license is on the SeL

it’s empty too :frowning:

So how do you run Elements?

good question I do not know. In my steinberg accout it says it is activated and works fine, but in elicenser there is nothing.

it’s interesting that Cubase pro 11 works too :smiley: in steinberg account says it’s not activated yet.

Oh, right…

You have an All Applications license. You get this when you buy a full version in a box, or (I think) online when you buy the program and the USB key in the same purchase.

Look at the text written there.

I just reactivated my AI, then it appeared in my elicenser and then activated it with my Pro activation code. Now everything works fine! Finally!!! Thank you for help! :slight_smile: