No licence for Hot Brass?

I have paid for Halion Sonic 3, and it works fine as far as i can see.
But recently i see a licence error when i open a CB project that says Hot Brass isn’t licensed to me. It seems to work ok but the errors are annoying as there are about 3 Windows i have to dismiss.

What is the location of the hotbrass library (on your hard drive)?
Are you also a Cubase user?

I once ran into some issues because the MediaBay of Cubase was scanning a bunch of directories looking for potential content. I happened to have some HALion libraries (VSTSound files) just hanging around on my system desktop after having downloaded them. In my case, I did have a proper ‘registered’ copy in the ProgramData directory also, but the Cubase Media Bay was sensing the VSTSound files still hanging out on my desktop and causing a fuss.

Deleted the copy on my desktop…no more problems. I also went into the Cubase Media Bay and asked it to never try to keep tabs on my desk-top again (and a few other directories that I’m known to isolate content that I’d rather Media Bay ignore).

Thanks for the reply, I’ve not had the issue i since i posted (or at least haven’t noticed it).
All the VST’s are in the default folders that the download manager sets up.

I mean the VSTSound files (manged with the Steinberg Library Manger tool) of the library, not the HALion VST plugins.

Default location on a Windows system (not sure about Macs) is usually somewhere in ProgramData/Steinberg, but the Library Manager allows you to register them from any location on your system.