No License for Symphonic Orchestra found in Dorico 5.1

if i open older projects frim Dorico 4 there comes an error for the Symphonic Orchestra - a license could not be found in my account…
If i change the Instrument to Halion and insert there the Symphonic Orchestra with an Instrument then it works.
So i have to change every Instrument when working with older projects…
Is there anything i can do instead?

Greetings Michael

Is perhaps the issue that you’ve been using the dedicated Symphonic Orchestra VST plug-in? The best way to use the HSO sounds is now (and has been for some years) to load them into HALion Sonic, rather than in the old dedicated plug-in.

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Yes thats the problem.
I have seen that Dorico helps when choosing a playback template and reorders the sounds as a workaround for older projects, but they maybe sound .different on playback.
And i was wondering how it happens that i have lost a license and can´t use the vst plugin anymore?
Greetings Michael

The old Symphonic Orchestra plug-in I presume needs an old eLicenser license. Do you have that available on your system?

Yes i have plugged in the old usb dongle with some licenses, but i can´t find that plug in if i want to choose it manually…

It could be that it’s a VST 2.x plug-in, in which case it would need to be manually allow-listed so that it can appear. If you’re using a new Apple Silicon Mac, you would also need to run Dorico under Rosetta to allow it to appear.

The plugin is allowed in the VST2 Plugin list.
in older projects i have used it as a instrument.
But no problem.