No License for Waves Plugins

I finally got tired of paying WUP and have phased all of my Waves plugins. However, when I start up Cubase, I get the message “No license found for Waves plugins”. There are no Waves plugins shown in the Plugin Manager, so I don’t understand why I’m getting this message. I’m using C8.0.2.

If I read correctly, you are trying to remove all of Waves from your machine. Did you run the Waves uninstaller that came with the installation? They install WLC as well as the actual plugins so could be fragments around still.



search and delete all waveshellxx.dll’s

Just wondering why you would get rid of Waves. You know that you don’t have to buy the WUP, right? You paid for those high quality plugs and they will continue functioning without buying the update plan.

The uninstaller didn’t work, so I used these instructions

agreed. I haven’t had WUP for some time now and the only thing you cant do is update to a newer major release. This bit me a while back when I moved to a new mac pro and had to upgrade to a new Waves release so I could still use waves on my new machine. That way you are kind of locked into spending more at some point but for me it was worth it.

What I found more painful is when you end up relying on old DX or PPC plugins and then move to a (new) Mac and loose access to important sections of your old projects.