No License Found; An activation code can be used only once

Suddenly having an issue with Dorico, Steinberg Download Assistant, and Steinberg Activation Manager not recognizing my Dorico license. The following software are up to date as of this post: ELicenser, Steinberg Download Assistant, Steinberg Activation Manager.

Elicenser shows a valid license.
Steinberg Activation Manager states “No Licenses Found”

I’m looking on Steinberg website troubleshooting pages and it seems that I need “Download Access Codes” however I have only ever been emailed something called “Activation Codes”. When I input the Dorico Activation Code into Steinberg Download Assistant’s “Enter your Download Access Code” window, it prompts that I entered an Activation Code and prompts, “The code you enetered is an Activation Code. Do you want to proceed with activation?” If I click ‘OK’, a window pops up with a green arrow stating “The license activation code was recognized correctly…” etc etc. If I press “Activate License” It loads for a bit and then an error appears which states “The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license. Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.”

So here I am, contacting the vendor Steinberg for a valid activation code. ?


You didn’t mention what release of Dorico you are using, but I guess it must be Dorico 2, because that is what the tag on this post says.

So first of all, if it is Dorico 2 it has no clue about the Activation Manager and Steinberg Licensing. That was introduced by Dorico 4.

It was licensed via the eLicenser and here is the question what type of eLicenser do you have. Is it a USB eLicenser or is it the Soft eLicenser. Can you post a screenshot of the eLicenser Control Center and the error message you get when you launch Dorico?

Activation Codes are always one time code, so after you have used the code once it is not reusable anymore.

Thanks for the reply.

When I open a Dorico 2 file the first window that loads and pops up is the Steinberg Activation Manager with the No License Found dialogue. I don’t have a USB license. Dorico 2 was working on this exact windows install and hardware a ~6 months ago without any problems.

Here is some screenshots. Please let me know if I can provide any more information!

I guess you’ve installed either a Dorico 4 or Dorico 5 trial on your computer at some point? Your system is trying to run a later version of Dorico than your Dorico Elements 2 license. Try running Dorico Elements 2 directly via the Start menu, then open your project from within Dorico 2, instead of double-clicking the Dorico project icon. You could also try uninstalling Dorico 4 or Dorico 5 from the Programs and Features applet within Control Panel, so that only Dorico Elements 2 remains.