No License Found for Halion 7 (or) Halion Sonic 7

I’m having the same problems occasionally with a lot of Steinberg plugins, i.e. Groove Agent 5, Halion 7, Padshop and so on. The Steinberg Activation Manager shows the license as activated but the plugin is always showing a message “No license found”. A restart does not fix the problem.

The only way I have found to fix the issue is to reinstall the plugin. After the reinstall completes, the plugin works again.

What a pain…

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I’ve been following this thread.

I show Cubase 12 Pro activated. But I have trouble loading in Halion 7. I have tried as many of the help links and in the comments as I can handle right now.

When I purchased C 12, Did I get access to Hal 7? Purchase date was around 10/22

HALion is a separate product that you have to purchase - it is not included in Cubase.

When you bought Cubase, it included HALion Sonic SE 3 with some content. You can upgrade HALion Sonic SE 3 to the new HALion Sonic 7. If you want the HALion Sonic 7 Collection content or the full HALion 7 (which includes the HALion Sonic 7 Collection content) then they are sold separately. There is also the option of acquiring HALion 7 as part of Absolute 6.

Cool. Good to know. Thanks for clarifying.

Does anyone have any news on this? I still get the No License message and plugins disabled too often.

Run Steinberg Download Assistant, which will update Steinberg Activation Manager to the latest version (released two days ago). There is a new feature that makes it easier to send your logs to support if the latest version does not fix your issue.

I’m running Cubase Artist 10 on Windows 10 and yesterday, out the blue I started getting the message “no licence found” when I tried to open Halion SE3 - ridiculous when I’ve been using it without problems for three years. A couple of months ago I saw I could get a free pack “Colours” for Halion. I downloaded and installed it. It worked but it also installed this new activation manager and Halion 7 even though you couldn’t use it. So today I uninstalled Halion 7 and hey presto got Halion SE3 back and all is well. I’m on a tight budget so I was just getting round to thinking about an upgrade to Cubase 12. Not now. There’s obviously a problem here and Steinberg don’t inspire confidence by putting their heads in a bucket and hoping no-one will notice. Cubase is a great product - can’t they admit when they’ve made a cockup - as long as we know they’re doing their best to fix it as soon as possible - I’d be reassured, it’s the no response that’s worrying.

HALion Sonic 7 replaces HALion Sonic SE 3 and will work with all HALion Sonic SE 3 content.

HALion 7 is a chargeable product.

If HALion Sonic 7 will not work on your machine, make sure that you activate a free HALion Sonic 7 licence.

HALion 7 is a chargeable product.

If HALion Sonic 7 will not work on your machine, make sure that you [activate a free HALion Sonic 7 licence
Very confusing hey? It’s not free but it can be free.
Halion 7 did work (in part ie not all functions) on my desktop but stopped working after a month or so.
The new Activation manager has a box for a download code - I don’t have a download code

So where do we get a free Halion 7 licence? The new download manager doesn’t mention a free version. I’m not about to download and install something that caused me a lot of problems that I’ve only just recovered from.

If you click the link in my previous post, you will add a free HALion Sonic 7 licence to the Steinberg Licensing licences, which should then show if you open Steinberg Activation Manager on your computer. This will allow you to use HALion Sonic 7 instead of the old HALion Sonic SE 3. Some new libraries might not work correctly in HALion Sonic SE 3.

The full HALion is a chargeable product, just as it always has been.

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Hi - I now understand that Sonic is the free version though why Steinberg couldn’t have stuck with Halion 7SE *** only knows.

I did click the link and downloaded a new version of the activation manager which showed that I had already installed Halion 7 Sonic. This is the version that kept telling me no licence found and that I uninstalled the day before yesterday. So…

If you haven’t already got a Colors Free licence in your Steinberg Activation Manager, then I suggest you click here to acquire one.

Open Steinberg Download Assistant and make sure that you install all updates that you are offered.

Open Steinberg Library Manager and make sure it is Colors Free you have installed. Delete any other Colors products, as they need chargeable licences.

If you installed any of the HALion 7 content (the 30-ish GB bundle, FM Lab or Tales) then that will not be licensed unless you acquire a chargeable licence.

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I have activated the free license use Steinberg Activation Manager.
and reinstall HalionSonic 7 from Download Assistant,

and HalionSonic 7 could start and I check the license is FULL.
Seems no problem,

But , it just no any instrument sound list in HalionSonic.
Just Empty.

I’ve had Halion working since your last message - now it’s started again - no licence found - it’s so bl**dy irritating. I’ve checked the Activation Manager, the elicencer control centre everything is in order. I downloaded Halion Se and re-installed it and yesterday it worked but today, when I booted up my desktop and opened Cubase - NO LICENCE FOUND!!!Aieeeee! I’ve just about had it with Cubase

I have discovered two things in my desperate search for a solution -

  1. If you start the Activation Manager and let it finish connecting and DO NOT CLOSE IT before you load Cubase then Halion works! So simple.
  2. I thought I could just add it to my start folder, should have been simple enough but no. Having added it I’m told that the address is not correct - it’s not in the folder even though I’ve copied the address and I can see it in the folder - so perhaps this is the root of all the problems with Halion for so many people?

I solved the issue! I uninstalled everything. ALL of it, from the activation manager to HALion 7. I’ve had it with their customer service. For reference, I’ve been trying to get Lo-Fi Piano working for two years–two years! My Groove Agent stopped working a year ago, and on and on. No amount of correspondence helps, because they do the minimum. I wish to God they’d get rid of the damned e-Licenser foolishness, it’s a joke. I’ve had enough hand-wringing at the sake of Cubase. I’ve decided to maintain my peace and sanity. I’ve decided to just uninstall all their products and move on. Thanks for the memories, Steinberg.

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