No license Found Groove Agent Cubase 12

I got this message of No valid license detected for Groove Agent. in Cubase 12 pro
In the activation window there is nothing about Groove Agent. license and cubase license is valid
So how can i fix this problem ?

Best !

You must have downloaded and installed it, so uninstall it by whatever means supplied in your OS, which you didn’t mention.

Thanks a lot now it is ok

I don’t get it, you uninstall it and then reinstall it? I’m having the same issue on Cubase 12.0.30 with Groove Agent SE5. I updated Cubase from 11 but when I checked Groove Agent wasn’t available so I had to download it via Steinberg Download assistant. Now I have it but I’m getting this issue. Was this your case?

You have to download Groove Agent SE 5 and its content. This can be found by clicking the name of your Cubase version in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

The original issue described in this topic was that he had downloaded the full version of Groove Agent 5, which is a different plugin with different content.