No License found - Update to Dorico 5

I purchased Dorico 5 update for Dorico 4 today but when trying to enter Download Acces Code I get this error message saying that I do not own a license to which this upgrade can be applied.

In Steinberg Activation Manager it says I do not have any activated products and that Dorico Pro 4 Trial has Expired which I don’t get it since it worked just well this morning. I have had Dorico Pro 4 for about a year now and I had a license there so I’m confused why is the license gone now.

Also, I registered my eLicinser number but all it says there is no products found on this eLicenser.

How should I go on from here?


Welcome to the forum, Erika. I’m sorry you’ve had problems with your Dorico 5 update, but don’t worry, we’ll get this resolved for you.

I’ve checked the account associated with the Steinberg ID you have used to sign in to the forum here, and I can confirm that indeed there’s no permanent Dorico Pro 4 license in your account. Is it possible you’ve used another Steinberg ID associated with a different email address in the past?

Because you’re brand new to the forum, you might have problems sending me a private message, so please send me an email with any other email addresses you might have used. You can email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. If you have your Dorico 4 sales receipt from wherever you bought it (very probably from our online shop I guess), please also forward that to me.