No license halion sonic SE common preset content found

i am using CUBASE AI 11. I subscribed to a newsletter in order to get free six pack sounds.
i received the activation code, used it in the download manger, then installed the libraries provided.

After what i opened cubase AI 11, then Halion.
i got a interdiction flag for almost all the presets.

When i want to load one of those preset, i got a window from Steinberg License manager saying that:
“…no license halion sonic SE common preset content found…”
(i translated from french, sorry if any mistake in the text).

I do have activation code for the the six pack, and this is terrible as i got almost no useable preset now.

How can i get an activation key for “common preset content”?
As if i subscribed to the newsletter in order to get activation code then install couple of Go of sounds, and then i cannot use now halion something is wrong!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I imagine you need to download Halion Sonic SE 3.5

Hi Steve,
well i just tried… then it just reinstall it as i already had it.
Then same result… before to install the free six pack, i had no problems.
i also have the activation keys in the e-licenser.
maybe just need more license to use, but i don’t understand as it is supposed to be free, then i can to download them from my download… it means they are activated.

Any other suggestion ?


Hi Steve

I have the same probleme as you are.

It’s so nice to see, that Steinberg support managers are so quick to help they own customers.

Go to this article: Ultimate Outsider: How to Recover Missing Presets in HALion Sonic and Groove Agent

And jump to the section near the bottom, called: “CANNOT LOAD PRESETS MARKED BY A RED CIRCLE WITH A LINE THROUGH IT”